No Douche Jokes, Please

At my old job, we had a client contact named Misty Poon. I don’t recall her exact ethnicity but she did not live in the States–and no, my old job had nothing to do with the sex industry! Even my then boss, who is as conservative-Southern as they get, had a good laugh over that one! It’s possible, of course, that Misty was a nickname, in which case, I guess this entry would be disqualified.

Poon is a surname often found in Hong Kong and Singapore. (It’s a variation of the Chinese “Pan.”) Many Asians who deal with the West in business adopt Western names. I’m guessing she picked Misty because it’s pretty and didn’t realize picking an adjective just made things ten times worse.

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  1. Anna says:

    True story- a friend knew two girls in high school who were bets friends. Their last names were Poon and Tang. What a dynamic duo!

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