As Welsh as Grape Juice

I will first pony up my own bad names before turning in my friends.
Atom (boy)
Iris Alula (girl)

Now the friends, 2 different families.
Sage (boy)
Artemis (girl)

Ceilidh KAy-Lee (girl)
Reilly Ry-Lee (girl)
Samwise (boy)
And they swear they didn’t know about the Lord of the Rings reference, they just thought it sounded Welsh.


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2 Responses to As Welsh as Grape Juice

  1. KM says:

    Ceilidh is a really old Irish Gaelic name. It’s unpronounceable for those of us living across the pond, but in Ireland they wouldn’t bat an eye. Saoirse, Aoife, Niamh, Siobhan and Caiomhe are some other nice Irish names, but over here they’d be forever having to spell their name and correct people pronouncing it wrong, which would be every person the kid would encounter like, ever. I think it’s a case of ‘know your audience’ and not picking names that are spelled insanely differently than what an English speaker would have to guess at if you’re going to name a kid born in North America.

  2. Heartlandroad says:

    Actually ‘ceilidh’ is the Scots Gaelic spelling, not Irish. I believe the Irish is ‘ceili’. It wasn’t originally a name, it means a party involving music and dancing. Because it’s a very common word in general use in Scotland (weddings are generally followed by a ceilidh and it’s a popular form of entertainment at other times) people here would have no problem with the pronunciation, but it could be tricky elsewhere. Scots Gaelic’s silent ‘dh’ even confuses Scottish people at times, though it’s common in place names etc.

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