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Laziest Man on Mars

I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted in a year. I know I’m a procrastinator, but this might be a new record with me.

Update! The podcast ThirtyTwentyTen has made it past the one year mark and is now looks back in the week in pop culture in 1987, 1997 and 2007. That means each week’s Classic Corner is in 1967 (50 years ago) and 1942 (75 years ago). In the real world, these years were terrifying – WWII and race riots, respectively – but for movies they were both interesting transitional eras. It’s gonna get weird.

A sampling of what’s coming up: Raising Arizona, the original trippy Casino Royale, Jaws: The Revenge, Belle de Jour, Full Metal Jacket, Ellen coming out, Sgt. Pepper, Withnail and I, Batman and Robin, Hot Fuzz, The Pride of the Yankees, Titanic, The Princess Bride, Bonnie and Clyde and the internet’s favorite whipping boy, Bee Movie.

Each episode has a Classic Corner recommendation – either a great movie from that week, or a movie that reminds me of something I like more – which are all now in their own handy list at letterboxd, where, if you’re obsessive enough, you can keep up with everything I’ve been watching. I wouldn’t advise it. I’m 95% of the way through every best picture Oscar nominee, and all the ones left are early ’30s and obscure as heck. I’ve found some hidden gems in this loooong process – God bless TCM! – so hopefully there’s a few left to keep me going.

Of course, right as I hit the end of the road for best picture nominees, someone suggests I should blog or podcast them all. At one a week, that would take more than 10 years, and we know how I am about procrastinating.

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Podcasting round up 2

Good lord it’s been a long time since I posted. Because I’ve been talking about pop culture stuff in a roomful of sweaty men. You know, every woman’s fantasy.

Thanks to everybody who sends me messages via Mikel’s Twitter – I’ve gotten great recommendations for classic Hollywood-themed podcasts (You Must Remember This), and people asking for my recommendations on stuff like books about the death of classic Hollywood (“Pictures at a Revolution”).

If you haven’t listened to Lasertime before, I recommend that, too, even when I’m not on it and everybody gets everything wrong wrong wrong.

Here are some of my favorite episodes since I posted last:

Bad Beatles Covers: Hilarious episode hosted by Dan Amrich of Palette Swap Ninja, Probably my favorite show to date – so funny, soooooo weird.

Classical Cartoon Music Quiz: You know that one music they always play in movies when they’re at a snooty restaurant? Do you know what it’s called? I quiz the guys on stuff that gets reused constantly.

Awkward Celebrity Encounters: Turns out I’ve met a lot of famous people.

What’s Your Favorite Future?: Blade Runner, Planet of the Apes and more, costarring my brother, a professional smart person.

Robin Williams: We recorded this a few days after he died, and I think we did a good job picking out career highlights. I talked candidly about suicide in this episode, and I’m glad I did.

When Actors Sing: Stars have a pretty bad batting average when it comes to cutting albums.

Oscartime 2015: Now with never-before-seen footage!

MST3K Turkey Day: A Thanksgiving salute to a modern holiday tradition.

Killer Actors: A sort of follow-up to the on-set movie deaths episode.

Conspiracy Bleary: We settle the theories once and for all.

Gross Toys: A look at the ’80s heyday of toilet humor for kids, featuring the grossest things that have ever happened to us.



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Podcasting round-up

Man, the one thing I do on the internet and I don’t even plug it on my own site!

I’ve been making semi-regular appearances on LaserTime, the internet’s finest podcast about whatever pop-culture randomness grabs someone’s attention that week. I’m the resident classic film nerd they bring in to talk about older, more obscure stuff these kids today don’t care about, with their hair and their clothes and their twerking. Stuff like “Staying Alive” or whether Cesar Romero was gay or “Fritz the Cat” or the epic death of Oliver Reed.

My favorites:

Classic Hollywood homosexuals: “Gayest Episode Ever”

Forgotten film follow-ups: “Sequels You Never Knew Existed”

Actors who deserved better: “Saddest Final Film Roles”

Best DVD extras ever: “Death of DVD”

Naughty cartoons: “Animation for Adults”


Also lots of fun:

Godzilla, kaiju, et al: “Giant Monster Fighting”

Good movies you wouldn’t watch again: “Watching the Unwatchable”

At least they tried: “Worst Accents in Film”

On-set movie deaths: “Dying is Easy”

San Francisco: “Hobosexual”

Oscars 2012: “Oscar Time”


And just in time for the holidays:

Now I have a machine gun: “Manliest Xmas Movies”

I’m glad I’m Jewish: “Worst Christmas Specials Ever Made”


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