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Chinzilla Gets Kinky

When Chinzilla was feeling sick last month, he loved to cuddle up to us. It was adorable. He’d lie in our laps and nap – it’s the only time he’s sat still since we got him. But now that he’s feeling better, he still wants to cuddle, but he gets aggressive about it.

Evilninja’s been working long hours at his awesome job over at GamesRadar. He keeps coming home, letting Chinzilla out to play, and then falling asleep on the couch. This makes him the perfect target for aggressive snuggling. I keep coming downstairs and finding this:

He’s also starting to lie in wait for cuddles. I get up in the morning, put on my crappy sweatshirt, and he’s already there. Waiting.

Can you spot the chinchilla in this photo?

Sometimes he gets bored with plain old vanilla cuddling, and gets kinky.

The inventiveness of his stealth attacks is starting to scare me. Things have gotten worse since he commandeered my furry Russian hat and turned it into a flying command unit.

You KNOW laser cannons will be next.

His message was clear.

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