An Oh-My of One

Got some more for you to add (and I can do this because my {relative} is pissed off at me at the moment so if she sees this, she can’t get any more peeved :-D)

My {relative} and {spouse} were both Military Police (“MP”s) in the Marines. They ended up naming their first born daughter “Mikayla Patricia.”

Yes, I gave them hell for it.

Second daughter wound up Kassidy Anesha (or something like that), Anesha being her mother-in-law’s name (Patricia is my {relative’s} not-mom’s name. Don’t ask. Just a little two Jerry Springer-ish to bother explaining).

Screwed up spelling aside:

Me: “Why the ‘K’ instead of a ‘C’ like normal people?”
{Relative}: “Because Mikayla and {spouse’s name} start with “M” so she has to start with a “K” to go with my name.

… Kassidy Anesha isn’t THAT bad … until you add the last name … which then gives the poor kid the initials of KAR.

My {relative} is obviously too young to remember the old Knight Rider series.


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