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Shayna Punim

Here are a few names for girls that I like a lot.

Autumn Dawn Autumn Grace

Cyndal, Shelby, Bethany, Shayna, Kendra, Leah, August, Alayna (Laynie for short),Gracey, Madelyn, Summer, Mara, Sable, Sadie, Anna, Hillary. I like old names.

Yeah. There are lots of Kendras in the Bible. And Shelby was a popular Elizabethan name.

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Check Please

my first sons name was cash people made fun of it but then he kinda grow to it and people started likeing it better and he started like goin to school after the second grade know my best friend named her two childern bill and cash it was so cute

Somehow I don’t think this lady liked going to school after second grade. I don’t think she went period.

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‘Decent’ Into Snootidom

Back in ’63 when I was born my mom didn’t get to name me. My Grandma in fact I find out later named all of my sibling’s besides myself. I was sad about this when my mom finally told me at age 37. My Grandma (from my step father’s side) gave me her first name as my middle and her mother’s name as my first. I was named Barbara Fay.

Fascinating. You’re a lucky, lucky person if the most upsetting thing in your life is waiting 37 years to find out you’ve got a family name because your grandma thought it’d be nice.

I am Japanese and British decent. My mom teased me and said I was named after that darn Barbie doll. I am the opposite that is for sure. . .short with black hair. My Japanese and British side just happens to be blue blood.

Your Japanese and British side. So, in other words, all of you is blue blood. It must be tough getting transfusions!

Two years ago now I decided to change my name by court. I decided to add a little touch to my name of Barbara (since I might not answer to anything else) and took my mother’s first and middle name as MY middle name to HONOR her. Then of course switched my last name to my proper blood line.

OK, so you’re sad grandma named you after her mother, your relative. So you change your middle name to your mom’s middle name so you’re even more drenched in family names and change your last name to the one you consider more “fitting” (that is, snooty.)

I DON’T regret this at all. . .I would hope that my unborn child love’s his or her name that we choose. For I WILL NOT let anyone other than my husband and myself name our baby like my poor mom had to go through! It is a sad story that now has a great ending.

Again, you’re lucky if this is the closest to tragedy you’ve ever faced, you miraculous survivor. By the way, why in the name of all that is holy are you telling anybody this?

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Right Next to Family Circus

I am going to have a baby girl in May, and I’m having trouble with her name. Her middle name has to be Marissa, because my friend Marissa, made her baby’s middle name my name. OK I like Raven Marissa, Daysha Marissa,and Kiandra Marissa, but I can’t decide which. A few people have said that Raven sounds like a stripper, but I think it’s pretty! HELP ME!

Daysha and Kiandra look like Jumble words to me. The answer to the puzzle is: “No.”

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That’s Socialism!

sseing that we the tax payers are paying for these kids please dont call him cornie.

Hey, pal, I’ll call my kid Cornie Carnielynn and you can’t stop me! Not you or your big government, Mr. Taxpayer!

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we would love to get some imput for anyone out there; what does everyone think of Chase? (we endearingly call her Chasey or Chasey-Mae) Her full name is Francesca Brandlynn; this way, though we hope she loves “Chase” too; she will have options; she can go with Fran’ Chesa, or Frannie or Franka or Chasen…

Upon her birth, Francesca Brandlynn’s parents had the horrifying realization: They had fallen behind in the mad dash to come up with the strangest name they could and soon, the Soviets would perfect the Ultimate Dumb-Ass Name. Francesca’s parents knew the U.S. could not afford a Weird Name Gap, and began renaming their child over and over, each getting stranger and more distant from her original name.

The child was later mistaken for an amnesiac when, asked by a police officer what her name was she said, crying, “I don’t know!”

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Sounds of Silence

We named our first child, a girl; Chase. She is a toddler now and wears it well; Sometimes it fits her all too well! We love it and everyone seems to give it a positive response when they hear it too!

As opposed to giving a positive response when they don’t hear it.

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Jack Tripper

Thanks 4 yall help! but, yall don’t know the meaning 4 the name Krissy cause i like that name 4 a baby! could u help me !

Well, I reckon it means “Busty gal from Three’s Company what wore them tight shirts. Now shet up and get me a beer!”

And the word you were looking for is “y’all’s,” thankyouverymuch.

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Translated From the Original Stupid

My daughter is due in November. Her and her husband like the names Dylon Micheal,but there is already a Dylon in the family. I think she should go with an unusual name. Any suggestions?

I think it’s good to name your baby a name different from anyone else baby, because there is so many people who have the same name your baby have or it’s very difficult. Also, it’s hard to name your baby a different name, because when you think that no-one have that name there will be someone who have the same name your baby have when think you have named your baby different. so, you really can’t think of any name that’s different from anyone unless it’s something made up.

I really, really hope English is this person’s second or third language, and if she were writing in Albanian or Farsi or whatever she would be so eloquent you’d weep.

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here are some names i saw today


I’m guessing (hoping, praying) these are names you saw today while you were hitting random keys on the computer at Bellevue just before the Thorazine kicked in. Wait, let me try:

joofenkel (for boy or girl)
Abcadeffgheejecklemenopqrestuvwexiz (the most incredible word I’ve ever seen!)

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