Oscars 1989: 30 Years and Still No Explanation

The Oscar presentation in 1989 – 30 years ago! – was a watershed in bad taste. I usually like things that are tacky and overdone, but this just stretched all credulity. It takes something special to drive Julie Andrews to trash you to the press.

We’re going to be taking a look at the two god-awful numbers of the evening: The infamous opening number starring Snow White and Rob Lowe, and the lesser-known “Stars of Tomorrow” number which is somehow just as bad on a smaller budget.

Up first: The opening number!

Note: The videos and images are all taken from a second-generation copy of a 30-year-old VHS tape. I’m not apologizing, because all considering, they look good.

Soak it in now, in case the Academy gets it deleted AGAIN.

Up Next: Where Are They Now?

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One Response to Oscars 1989: 30 Years and Still No Explanation

  1. Corey Parker says:

    This was admittedly awful. But I would love to get a copy. We had fun, either way!

    Corey Parker

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