i dont no wat to thnik cuz im ded

I get e-mails asking for naming help all the time, and I’m usually obliging, but every now and then….well, see below.

I’m due my first kid aug 13. i am thinkin of names. i like unseual names and differnt spellings of names.

for girls dh and i like:

tallulah lilac
meleah lynn
jayden haven
madison macenyzie
ashlynn charlize
tiffany clea
alisha beyonce
solange kesleigh
gracelyn jordyn

for boys dh and i like:
kendal jae
dayne killigan
kylar reese
fynn tyler
wayne jaymes
brooklyn romeo
jaysen elijah

can u please give opinions on the names? thx in advance


I’m still not sure if she didn’t read the site, couldn’t read the site, or is screwing with me.

If the latter, Bravo. You did an incredible job of impersonating an under-educated tryndee namer who I assume every awful thing I possible can about them, up to and including caring about Kardashians, collecting cat figurines, and giving Sarah Palin money. You cut me off on the freeway, let your dog crap in my yard, and get in the express lane with 15 items, then pay with a check. You forward emails about Nordstrom’s recipes, proof of angels, and sparkly Tweety Bird gifs. You invented laugh tracks. Your favorite movie is Transformers 2. You hold your purse tighter when you see black people. Your car alarm goes off at 4 am every day. You ate three slices of pizza before making sure everyone else had had one. You’re why the bus smells like pee.

I hate you.

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3 Responses to i dont no wat to thnik cuz im ded

  1. Amanda-Louise says:

    Lol, “caring about Kardashians”, priceless!

  2. JD says:

    Melanie Lynn is a store. It sells flashy clothes for aging women.

    Out of all of those potential names, if one had to be picked per gender, Tiffany Clea (maybe Cleo as in most cat names?), and Fynn Tyler seem the most normal. No one should name their children after uninteresting characters in bad movies.

  3. Erica Guadagnoli says:

    holy balls! that cracked me up!

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