Okay, I’m one of those kids born in the 70’s that got the lovely name of “Jennifer” along with about a million others. I didn’t really appreciate having a bunch of other Jenny’s in my class, so I went with unique names for my 2 kids, which you have poked fun at here on your site.

My daughter is Siera Nicole. I liked the name Siera for years before I had her. I chose that particular spelling, though, because I wasn’t really naming her after SOMETHING, I just wanted it to be her name, not something else, such as: a mountain range or desert or GMC truck (Sierra), an Oldsmobile (Ciera), or a Spanish word meaning close (Cierra). After she was born a perfume also came out (Ciara). My husband picked my son’s name, Tristen J. Tristen *did* come from the movie, Legends of the Fall, but he just thought it was a really cool name, as did I. I realize that it is classically spelled Tristan, but Chris (my husband) preferred it with the “e” rather than the “a.”

But the real reason I’m writing is to tell you about a couple {I knew}. His name was Charles (but for some reason apparently his family & friends called him “Tony”) and her name was Rischilde. Now her name was pronounced like “Rochelle.” She said that she was named after her father Richard… ??? So, anyway, they were having a baby, I think it was like their 3rd or 4th. The baby was born & Rischilde wanted to name it after herself & Charlie. They named that poor, poor baby girl Tonschilde (tone-shell). I sincerely believe that has got to be one of the most awful names I’ve ever come across.


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