Deaf Nurse Stories

Okay, I have quite a few bad examples here, so try to bear up without laughing yourself sick.

1. My suitemate here at university has a cousin, the child of hippie parents, according to her, whose name is Star of Peace. Star of Peace O'(Irish name).

2. When my grandmother was born, both of her parents had only very recently immigrated to the US from Greece, and did not speak English very well- my great-grandmother, not at all. They had previously decided to name their new baby Aurelia Marie.

The nurse asked my great-grandfather what my future grandmother’s name was. I can only imagine that she didn’t understand his thick accent, because until she was in her fifties, my grandmother’s legal name was “Mary Apple Dritsas.”

3. Same family, different generation: I had a great-great aunt Melpomaene. She was named after the Muse of Tragedy. That’s so upbeat!

Hope these amuse you, even if they’re not site fodder!


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