Quit You-ing Around!

so, i got curious when i went to the hospital website to see my friend’s baby girl (Juliana Erin – she did a pretty good job with that one), so i started looking at the names of other babies…..

and i’m not kidding, people actually named their children these names:

Shan’thony (yes, the apostrophe is there, AND its a girl)
Calex (isn’t that some sort of abrasive you clean the bathtub with?)
Gilroy (that’s just cruel)
K’Neil (so…..is the K silent?)
Norland (playground torture guaranteed)
McKinley (as in….the mountain??)
Braxton (as in… false labor pains?)
Britash (couldn’t decide between Britany & Ashley, so they made her sound like she’s from London)
Michaelangelo (mmmm……okaaaaaay….)
Prekton, Jaizek, Taylen, & Jazzlyn (ok, now they’re just making shi* up)

and I shi* you not, someone actually named their child (boy)…… Monkey.

Kind of makes you understand why there are 10,000 Caleb’s, Jacob’s, Madison’s, and Emily’s…. they’d just rather stick with something safe.


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