Dick Tracy Villain is Real!

I work with a lot of guys and girls from all over the world, and, as with everyone, 99% of them are good people. The thing is, once in a while we get a name that just stops you dead in your tracks. These guys names are probably perfectly good in whatever context they were named in, but when they are suddenly in suburban England………. ouch.

I had a guy called Bigboy working for me.

Godknow Chegevara. Well, Che’s been dead for sometime, so I guess God Knows him. That name also lead to a lot of hilarity (in an Abbott and Costello style) when you didn’t know who was working where. ‘whos on line 1?’ ‘God knows!’ ‘Is he?’ ‘no, I mean….’ and so on.

Shitole – ’nuff said.

Bebey Joseph. All the girls think that one’s cute.

add those to the Memorys, Constances, Patiences, and so on, roll cal l can be interesting.


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