Pictures from Cancer Relay

Huge, huge thanks to everyone who donated last month to Alison’s Cancer Society Relay for Life team. Thanks to BNaBBT readers and forum members, we raised


for cancer research. This earned us a mention in two Bay Area newspapers. Woo! Spreading the gospel!

Alison (right) and her friend Courtney don’t let a hot SoCal day stop them from fighting cancer.

Alex is from Britain, and he maintains his cultural identity in L.A. by having no tan at all. I’m allowed to say this because a) he’s my former roommate, b) through me he met Alison, and they dated for a long time got married, and c) I’m somehow even paler, despite living in California for 20 years.

 Alison and her mom, Trudy.

The whole team. Each team had to pick a theme that had something to do with music, and they picked “The ’60s.” Alison claims it was not a ploy to make everyone else wear tie-dye. I don’t think I believe her. This is like her vision of heaven right here. Hippie!

Thanks again to all our donors and everyone who helped out!

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