Fundraising Drive!

I’m donating the usual bad baby names sponsor space to my friend Alison, who’s going to be walking in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life next month.

Alison and her family had one hard summer last year. In June, her dad was his usual affable self, then he noticed his left foot wasn’t working right. Just not connecting to his brain somehow. They go to the doctor and find out it’s a tumor – he has a very aggressive cancer in his kidneys that has spread to his brain, his lymph nodes, his lungs. He had surgery right away and started radiation, but in just three months, he was gone.

Alison, her sister and her mother are all walking in the Relay for Life – she says it’s helping them not feel so helpless. And this is where you come in. I told her I’d put up a fundraising link and she thought that was all nice and stuff, but I want to utterly shock them with the awesome power of bad baby names fans and how much they care. If you can donate anything at all, awesome. If you can get your friends to donate = even better. Everything is greatly, greatly appreciated.

As added incentive, everyone who donates through the site will be entered in a drawing for NIFTY BNaBBT STUFF! Thanks everybody!

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