American Idyll ’05 Part 3

This time, from New Orleans:

Daron, John Waters’ love child, managed to scare Gene Simmons with his gothy looks and creepy rendition of “I Put a Spell on You.” Larenda wore the season’s 80 gabillionth stupid pink fedora. Algua Isaac doesn’t have the sense to reverse his first and last name. He totally looks like the Rubber Band Man from the Staples commercials. You won’t ever be seeing these people again.

You almost definitely will be seeing Leroy, who I’m mentioning not for having a bad name but for being the king of awesome. Leroy was stomping and singing and going insane. They’ll show him again – he’s better than William Hung, man! And I’m a girl who likes me some Hung. Leroy, “the crunk guy,” was like if Samuel L. Jackson’s character from Jungle Fever and Flava Flav had a test tube baby. And it smoked crack. A lot. But unlike most of the camera whores, you could definitely laugh WITH Leroy instead of just at him. Somebody give that man a variety special! (Once he’s out of jail.)

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