Not. One. Period. There.

my little sisters name is Mckenna, and to answer your question we got it from the nurse after she was born, she was trying to pronouce mc-caun-a like jacauna the tomato and beef dish, and Mckenna was said instead, i love the name and it is soo much better than what my mother was going to name her Truana, eww, well anyways the name fits her very well and is also very unique, my name is Tiffany and i cant sand it when i am in the mall and someone is yelling my name but isnt speaking to me, McKenna will never have that problem.

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  1. Heather says:

    I know EXACTLY how you feel about your name being called and it’s not for you!!! In first grade (many, many moons ago) there were 3 other “Heathers” in my classroom so they used our last initial, only problem is one of the other Heathers has the same last initial but hers was first alphabetically so I had to go by my middle name, which is Ellen. I hated it!!!! This was way before Ellen DeGeneres was on tv and all the name Ellen said was old lady…..

  2. chelsea says:

    I love when they talk about how unusual their kid’s name is, and it’s one of the most popular names. Just because it wasn’t common when YOU were a kid doesn’t mean it’s not common now! Why can’t people manage basic logic?!

  3. notwithoutmyhandbag says:

    Sigh. And if everyone named their kid Jumpoffabridge, would you?

  4. Chad says:

    Not so unique after all, I met a McKenna recently at one of my Kiwanis Club meetings, one where the Key Clubbers were present. I kind of feel bad for her given how much the adults (well, the ones who have been adults for awhile now, as opposed to a young adult like myself) mangled it.

    Club President (trying to get the spelling): M-A-C…
    McKenna (starting from the beginning because the club president already made a mistake): M-C-K-E-N-N-A

    I was sitting next to the club president at the time, and I believe what ended up on the paper was something to the effect of “MacMknna”. At the next meeting, the members had been talking about the visit from the Key Clubbers at the previous meeting, and one of them referred to her as “Mikaela”; the other members immediately knew that this wasn’t right, but I was the only one who could produce the correct name.

  5. Joelle says:

    Why was the nurse trying to say “McCauna”? Dear god, please tell me that wasn’t the last name. McKenna McCauna? Sounds like something that would be sung in The Lion King.

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