Wrenning on Empty

I noticed on your baby names site (which is hilarious, BTW) that you had the quote, ‘what do you think of Wren for a girl?’. My cousin and his girlfriend called their son Wren (he’s about 2 years old now). When my grandmother rang my mother to tell her about the new baby, apparently she was too embarrassed to tell her the name until prompted several times.


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  1. Michaela says:

    My mother in-law was a commune hippie, and she named her daughter Wrenn. She said it was an intentional androgynous name, and she didn’t care. Apparently the name comes from some inspirational hippie book that was popular at the time, and the character Wrenn lead people into the new age…or something like that. I just thought my sister in-law was named after a bird. 😛

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