Ringo Does Dallas

A few years back when I was working as a paralegal, we had a client, I forget his name now, but he was fighting a child custody case, so his three children’s names were featured prominently at the top of all the court documents, which is why I remember theirs so well.

Their names were Harley Jonn, Stone (something fairly silly as a middle name), and Jazzmyn Starr (!)

Seriously. J-a-z-z-m-y-n S-t-a-r-r. I mean, the normal spelling would be bad enough, in a “I named my kid after a Disney character” kind of way, but two “z”‘s, the dreaded “y” and the double “r”‘s?

She was the youngest child, and I can only assume she was born *after* her father had the motorcycle accident while *not* wearing his helmet…

I forsee a wonderful career in the adult film industry for young Jazzmyn… Or possibly something


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