I Can’t Believe It’s Not Youngster!

i just had to put my two cents in about some of the bad names i’ve heard over the years. i used to know a girl who named her daughter anertia, like the scientific term (almost). i knew another girl who named her oldest ethan aloysius, her middle ariadne, and her youngest jasper. her name was divina.

there were too many austin’s and ashley’s to count. at my son’s school, there is an alize, like the alcohol, a poseiden, like the greek god, and an epiphany, like “i can’t believe i named my kid that”. there was also a set of twins named zena and zoe.

i seem to be the only person in this day and age to give my son a truly unique name–Daniel Charles. my son is almost 7 and has yet to meet another Daniel.


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