Humid! Foggy! Dinner Time!

Years ago, a neighbor of mine had several children with what I considered absurd names (Breezy Spring, Misty Autumn and some other inane name which included Stormy). When I asked the woman where she got the names, she proudly announced that she took them from the weather on the day the child was born. I irreverently called them Wheezy, Breezy and Louise-y, but it gave me hours of free entertainment coming up with names for this woman’s subsequent children. Dismal December, Tsunami Sunshine, Sleety Haze, Rainy Daze, Hoar Frost, Typhoon …

An offshoot of this hypothetical baby-naming was that my children and I would take random syllables and write them on pieces of paper. We would then pull several and string them together to form endlessly amusing stupid
names. Amazingly enough, we have since heard many of these improbable combinations used as actual names!

Other obnoxious names I have encountered:
Ralphann (girl)
Abundance Lee (girl)
Blue Sky (boy)
Hug (boy)
Sammi (boy)
Persephone (girl)


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2 Responses to Humid! Foggy! Dinner Time!

  1. Alice says:

    At a school where I used to teach, there are 3 siblings, Summer, Autumn (girls), and Winter (boy). Summer, the oldest, is in 2nd grade, and these kids already get teased by their peers.

  2. sarah says:

    Persephone is a real name from Greek mythology. Pronounced PerSEFanee. Pompous and unusual, but that’s about all.

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