Hotdogstand? Pretzelwagon? Bodega?

Your site is hysterical! I always feel vaguely nauseous when I hear of yet another person saddling their child with Hunter or M’Kenzie or any other “trendy” name. But, you did ask for some submissions, so here are some names of people who really exist (all of these people I met in Texas):

Kismet Valerie: college friend. She told me that she spent her entire life telling people that her name was NOT Valerie Kismet.

Chivas: went to jr. high together. Yes, his parents did name him after the drink.

Dudley: the fourth GIRL in her family. She was a year behind me in medical school, tall & blonde, and loves her name. Her father (also a Dudley) said that the fourth child will be a Dudley whether or not it’s a boy (it wasn’t). Unusual for a boy, but practically unheard of for a girl. But she loved it and carried it well. More power to her!

Also, I have to comment on the Snopes Urban Legends baby names…most of them aren’t real. I did a two month OB/Gyn rotation in a county hospital and four months of pediatrics (regular, surgery, and psych), and never saw a “body part” name (even though my friend swears she saw twins “molly & femolly” — male and female). Tons of Michealas, Jadens, Hunters, and Destinys, though. Regardless, I did see these names:

Taqueria: lovely name for a girl pronouced “tah KIR e uh”, until mom said she named her for the “tock ur EE uh” resturant down the street (aka: taco stand in Spanish). A brief funny, but nothing serious.

Concepcion Bastard: obviously pronouced “con cep SI own bah STARD”. She was a mom in L&D, waiting to give birth to her 3rd or 4th child (in wedlock). However, we had quite a few patients and their visitors pitch a fit that we had a “bastard” label on her room, since it wasn’t polite to point out such indiscretions.


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  1. A. Pfeifer says:

    You mean nauseated. Nauseous means to inspire nausea in others. FYI.

  2. Joelle says:

    Kismet is a Turkish name I think. I have a friend whose mother is named Kismet.

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