Frankly, My Dear

Your site is hilarious, constantly laughing out loud like everybody e lse reading it. Here are some names I’ve come across in the past few y ears:

Raven which isn’t so bad, but coupled w/ her sister’s name Harvest …need I say more?

A little boy named Cincere, I had to write his name out while at work for a coupon, & his mother got irritated w/ me b/c I initially spelled it Sincere.

I am not making this up, it sounds crazy, but I know a guy named Frank Frank, yep both 1st & last names are ‘Frank’, I don’t even think his f irst name is officially Francis either, as far as I know Frank is his full 1st name…but wait, there’s more – I’m not lying, he lives in a town called Frankfort.

Thanks, B.

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