Aka ‘Time AfraidSprinkle’

I usually read the births column of the local paper every week looking for such amusement but this site was just so much bladder-loosening hilarity that I almost passed out.

So…and I wish these weren’t true:

Bilbo. Yes, really. This one cropped up in the birth’s column of the local paper. His parents must have been Tolkien fans. Guess what his nickname is going to be the first day he sets foot in primary school?

Zenon. This was the fault of a couple who were friends of a friend. It was one of those names where you had to nod and smile and say it was ‘unusual’ when it fact it’s an inert gas.

And just to prove that it’s not just 18 year old bimbos who name their kids frightening things, a tale of woe from an old schoolmate whose highly educated but hippy parents had saddled him with the handle Quantum Feardash. Funnily enough, he preferred to be known as ‘Ben’.

Thank you for making me laugh so hard I nearly inhaled a crab and green ginger noodle.

– A

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