She Can’t Solve It…Can YOU?

I have a “classic” for you.

I used to work in Holland, Michigan. Living next door to our business, was a wonderful family,…fun, helpful, artistic, intelligent. This couple had young two sons. The eldest went by Stu,…Stewart Douglas Baker. I never gave it much thought until his mother mentioned that he was named after a car,…Stu D. Baker!

Then she added that her younger son also had a play on words in his name and left us to figure it out. Much to my dismay, I never discovered it before they moved & we lost contact. Can you help me with this one. It has been nagging at me for five years now. What kind of play on words can come out of Phillip Morton Baker?


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One Response to She Can’t Solve It…Can YOU?

  1. Eri C says:

    Maybe “Phil M. Baker” – fill ’em baker? Or “Phill More”?

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