I Like SciFi, Telegrams

My favorite name are:
Xev Chiana Louise
Nikita Gia Ravin
Gavin Charles Bailey
Tristan Michael Ares
I want kids to entire the world unique.
When they turn 18 can always change it. I hate name like Collette. She would get picked on. Kids are not always PG!

Yeah, well I like names not stupid. Names actual exist. Pronoun, verb like too. Names suggest cruel, unusual. Fourth Amendment Constitution ban ‘Nikita’ except French assassins, bald Russian guys. Friend, good! Fire, BAD!

(Helpful reader and SciFi channel viewer Joan adds that Xev is a character from “Lexx”: “She’s a virgin love slave, in love with an animate dead assasin” and Chiana is from “Farscape”: an “escaped convict, genetically altered by her home planets government to be a nymphomaniac” and spread an STD across the universe. What does this say about Mama’s ambitions for wee baby Xev Chiana? Do we really want to know?)

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  1. Rachel says:

    There is a series of books in which one of the characters is named Chiana. In the books, it means ‘treason.’

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