I am Chuck Woolery

We’ve got a bunch of weddings of BNaBBT board members coming up, but I just realized I have yet to properly exploit one in particular for my own nerfarious commercial gains.

The bigbadbabynames.net forum has made its first love connection. Two long-time members who met on the site started dating, moved in together, and will be married May 20th, 2006. Several other BNaBBTeers will be in there, and, to make sure everything’s especially surreal, I have been asked to officiate. Seriously. I threw out, “Ha ha! Maybe I should perform the ceremony!” as a joke, and they said “Good idea!” So thank you online ordination! I knew it’d come in handy! (My grandmother’s both proud and confused by suddenly having a rabbi in the family.)

Oh yes, there will be pictures, and I’ve promised not to do anything to ruin things, like dressing in a Star Fleet uniform or doing the whole “Princess Bride” mawwidge thing. Or both at the same time. (Note from the future: I totally opened with “Mawwidge.” The bride OKd it. The wedding party all cracked up, but most of the audience just stared blankly.)

So there’s another reason for us all to come together in the love/criticism of bad baby names – you may find that special someone. Awwwwww….. Next step: setting up a celebrity boxing match between me and that eHarmony guy. I could take him. Congratualtions Hunter-Gatherer and Undine!

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