Fynnygyn’s Wake

I was wondering which name you would pick out of these choices for girl Names?????
Abbey Monet
Chloe monet
Irelynd monet
Dilyn monet

And here it is again. There’s nothing wrong with giving kids Irish names except they sound like fringe characters from “Mists of Avalon.” But it’s another thing to name your kid Ireland. That’s a political statement (you don’t see a lot of Arab kids named Israel, for example.) But if there’s one thing you don’t want to do, it’s piss off the Oirish by misspelling the name of their damn country. You may as well walk into any pub in Dublin and ask, “What’s so wrong with Cromwell?”

And Dilyn…In the time it would take to come up with every way that could be mispronounced, I could find the end of Pi.

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  1. Heartlandroad says:

    If you really feel the uncontrollable need to name a kid after the Emerald Isle, for whatever reason, name her Erin. I don’t know how exotic it is in the States (pretty common here in Scotland), but it has the virtues of being easy to spell, easy to say, and, you know, actually being an actual name…

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