Curse You, Celtic Woman

May I suggest:
Calaya Tanith
Calaya Branwen
Calaya Delphine
Calaya Faerin
Calaya Gwendolen
Calaya Maeve
Calaya Magdalen
Calaya Mairead
Calaya Niamh
Calaya Nimue
Calaya Roisin (ro-SHEEN)
Calaya Siobhan (sha-VON)
Calaya Talwen
Fainne Maeve
Fainne Roisin
Fainne Tanith

No. No, you bloody well may not suggest them. Please leave us alone and resume reading “The Annotated Legends of the Runes of the Mystical Arthurian Knighthood of the Sacred Circle of the Shield of the Spell-Casting Princess Faeries of the Grail of Blackwynne Castle. Book II.”

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